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Stens Solenoid Single Pole Fits Alko T700 T800 T13-102 T15-102 T17-102 T20-102 AL-KO 521361

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Replacement Stens Ride On Mower Solenoid
Please check your old solenoid before purchase. Will not fit 2 pole solenoids

These solenoids are Stens branded, a market leader in replacement spare parts and there products exceed & meet oem spec. Stens parts are backed by our one year guarantee 

If your solenoid only has one small pole or spade connector then this would be the correct one.

Solenoid Spec
Pole Style: Single pole (chassis ground)

Unique terminal post and sleeve will accommodate both 5/16" and 1/4" terminal eyelets
Universal Fitting

Suitable for the following models
  • AL-KO Concord T13-85 AK110820 
  • Euro Line T16-102 AK118158 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-102 SP-H AK118520 
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 AK118507 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-102 SP AK118506 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-82 HD AK118505 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-74 AK118514 
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 HDS AK118352 
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 S AK118351 
  • AL-KO Concord T14-85 HD AK118245 
  • AL-KO Concord T17-102 HD AK118240 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 AK118246 
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 HD AK118148 
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 AK110918 
  • Grüne Welle RT 18-102 HD AK118418 
  • GHD T 10 AK118202 
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118279 
  • AL-KO Concord T17-102 HD AK110920 
  • AL-KO Concord T14-85 AK118244 
  • AL-KO Concord T20-102 HD AK118226 
  • AL-KO Concord T14-85 HD AK110821 
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 AK118248 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD AK118247 
  • Ginge Lawn tractor T 800 AK118270 
  • AL-KO Comfort T10 AK118264 
  • AL-KO Concord T16-102 AK110919 
  • Turbosilent Lawn tractor 12-75 AK118298 
  • AL-KO Comfort T800 SA AK118136 
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 HD AK118239 
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 SP AK118179 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD AK118333 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 AK118332 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000 AK118329 
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118406 
  • AL-KO Concord T20-102 HDE AK118327 
  • AL-KO Powerline RT14-85 HD AK118301 
  • AL-KO Powerline RT14-85 AK118424 
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 Masport AK118238 
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 HDE AK118335 
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 HD AK118334 
  • AL-KO Concord T14-76 AK118330 
  • Sigma Lawn tractor T18-102 HD AK118317 
  • Sigma Lawn tractor T18-102 SG AK118316 
  • Sigma Lawn tractor T14-102 HD AK118315 
  • Sigma Lawn tractor T14-102 SG AK118314 
  • AL-KO Powerline RT20-102 HDE AK118303 
  • AL-KO Powerline RT18-102 HD AK118302 
  • Euro Line T17-102 HD AK118319 
  • AL-KO Concord T20-102 HDE AK118241 
  • AL-KO Comfort T10 AK118201 
  • Sigma Lawn tractor T 13-85 AK118313 
  • Turbosilent Lawn tractor 12-75 AK118129 
  • AL-KO Powerline T17-102 HD AK118075 
  • AL-KO Powerline RT14-85 HD AK117997 
  • AL-KO Comfort T800 AK110941 
  • AL-KO Concord T12-75 AK110819 
  • AL-KO T 16-102 HVC AK118122 
  • AL-KO Powerline T12,5-74 AK118580 
  • AL-KO Comfort T750 AK118328 
  • AL-KO Comfort T750 AK118522 
  • AL-KO Concord T14-102 Masport AK118477 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000S AK118465 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD Masport AK118478 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 S Masport AK118480 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-74 SA AK118565 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HDS Masport AK118481 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000 AK118523 
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 HD Masport AK118479 
  • Euro Line T17-102 HD AK118571 
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118579 
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 HDS Bio-Combi AK118603 
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 HD AK118620 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-82 HD AK118619 
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 S Bio-Combi AK118602 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1500 AK118713 
  • AK118710 
  • AL-KO Powerline T16-102 SP-H AK118673 
  • AL-KO Powerline T18-102 HD AK118622 
  • AL-KO Classic T850 AK118640 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000 HD AK118634 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-102 S Bio-Combi AK118644   
  • AK118525 
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 HDE AK118621 
  • Sigma Lawn tractor T 18-102 HD AK118669 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1500 AK118697 
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118704 
  • AL-KO Powerline T18-102 HD II AK118720 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000 AK118686 
  • Euro Line T 17/102 HD AK118674 
  • AL-KO Powerline T20-102 HDE AK118624 
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 HD MASPORT AK118607 
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-102 SP-H AK118626 
  • AL-KO Powerline T18-102 HDE AK118623 
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD Masport AK118606 
  • AL-KO Powerline T18-102 HDS AK118746 
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118754 
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000 AK118745 
  • AL-KO Classic T1000 HD AK118747 
  • AL-KO Powerline T20-102 HD AK118748 
  • AL-KO Spezial AK118094 
  • AL-KO Gcat 550EA (13/75) AK118117 
  • AL-KO T 13-102 HVC AK118121 
  • AL-KO T 13-102 Hochf. AK118135 
  • AL-KO RT 13-85 H Hochf. AK117996 
  • AL-KO T17-102 HD LUX HVC AK118144 
  • AL-KO T13-85 HD LUX HVC AK118145 
  • AL-KO RT 13-75 Hochfilzer AK118210 
  • AL-KO T13-102 Lux HVC AK118347 
  • AL-KO T18-102 HDE Lux HVC AK118348 
  • AL-KO Park 1300 Edition AK118252 
  • AL-KO NEW TEC T750 AK118845 
  • AL-KO T 18/102 Marina AK118690 
  • AL-KO T 13-102 HDS Bio-Combi HVC AK118645 
  • AL-KO T 165/102 HD Murray AK118292 
  • AL-KO Heritage RS17/102HD AK118691 
  • AL-KO T 13/85 MARINA AK118055 
  • AL-KO T 13/102 MARINA AK118194 
  • AL-KO COOPER T18-102 HD AK118711 
  • AL-KO COOPER T16-102 SP-H AK118727 
  • AL-KO COOPER T15-102 HD AK118726 
  • AL-KO T13-85 LUX HVC AK118217 
  • AL-KO T 20/102 HDE-MK AK118708 
  • AL-KO HERITAGE RS 14/82 AK118573 
  • AL-KO T850 AK118834 
  • AL-KO COMFORT T1000 HD AK118809 
  • AL-KO COMFORT T 2000 HD AK118842 
  • AL-KO T15/102 MARINA AK118827 
  • AL-KO T17/102 HD MARINA AK118195 
  • AL-KO T18/102HD MARINA AK118427 
  • AL-KO T 15-92 HD Powerline AK118863 
  • AL-KO Classic T920R AK118916 
  • AL-KO Classic T1000HD AK118917 
  • AL-KO T 15-102 HD Powerline AK118866 
  • AL-KO Powerline T18-102HDE AK118918 
  • AL-KO T 20-102 HDE Powerline AK118871 
  • AL-KO T 18-102 HD Powerline AK118870 
  • AL-KO Classic T920 HD AK119000 
  • AL-KO Classic T850R AK118914 
  • AL-KO Powerline T20-102 HD AK118919 
  • AL-KO Classic T850S Bio Combi AK118915 
  • AL-KO T 15-92 HDE Powerline AK118864 
  • AL-KO T 14-102 HD Edition AK119264 
  • AL-KO T 16-102 HD Edition AK119265 
  • AL-KO T 13-92 HD Edition AK119283 
  • AL-KO T 13-82 HD Edition AK119286 
  • AL-KO T 13-82 M Edition AK119262 
  • AL-KO T 12-74H Edition AK119276 
  • AL-KO 13-92 Edition AK119263 
  • Brill T 92/13H Crossover AK119426 
  • AL-KO T 16-105.4 HD Powerline AK119351 
  • AL-KO T 16-95.4 HD Powerline AK119349 
  • Brill Crossover T95/13H AK119589 
  • AL-KO T 20-105.4 HDE Powerline AK119352 
  • AL-KO T 18-95.4 HD Powerline AK119348 
  • AL-KO T 15-92 HD-A Edition AK119629 
  • AL-KO T 16-92 HD-H Edition AK119630 
  • AL-KO T 23-125.4 HD Powerline AK119547 
  • Brill T95/16H Crossover AK119590 
  • AL-KO T 15-74 HD-A Edition AK119517 
  • AL-KO T16-92HD Edition AK119725 
  • AL-KO T16-102HD Edition AK119726 
  • Brill T105/20HE Crossover AK119592 
  • Brill T05/18H Crossover AK119591
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Brand Stens
Product Code SE435-431
Weight 0.2kg