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Replacement Starter Recoil Assembly 

Fits a huge range of the Chinese branded chainsaws 

Some models this will replace, but please check your recoil matches photo's and size. see all images. Colour of your recoil maybe different depending on make and model your saw is. 

Chinese chainsaw models 4500, 5200, 5800

45CC, 52CC, 58CC, engine

Parker PCS-5800, 6200

Some Parker,  Einhell, Hyundai, Timberpro

  • B B T 45cc
  • B & Q  45cc
  • Chinese  45cc 52cc 58cc, 4500, 5200, 5800
  • Eckman 45cc 52cc 58cc
  • Jinhuateammax  MT-9999
  • Kiam Sherwood  KM45, KM52, KM58
  • Plantiflex​​​​​​​  PF4500, PF5200
  • Rok​​​​​​​  45cc
  • Sanli​​​​​​​  CS45
  • Skatco​​​​​​​  45cc, 52cc, 58cc
  • Silverline​​​​​​​  45cc 52cc
  • Tarus​​​​​​​  T4500 T5200
  • Timbertech​​​​​​​  45cc, 52cc, 58cc
  • Trueshopping​​​​​​​  Raptor 45, 52, 58
  • Viron​​​​​​​  VR4500 VR5200
  • Whitemoss​​​​​​​  45cc, 52cc, 58cc

May fit other brands not listed 

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Starter Recoil Assembly Fits Chinese Chainsaw 4500 5200 5800 Parker Einhell Hyundai/Timberpro

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