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NGK BPR5ES Spark Plug Honda GCV520 98079-55846 HF2114 HF2213 HF2216 HF2417 HF2620

Product code: BPR5ES
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Very Good Quality NGK Spark Plug - BPR5ES & 98079-55846
This plug would fit many makes and models of Lawnmowers, Generators and other garden equipment. 

Fits Honda but please check your old plug to be sure as there can be variations
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   HR194  
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   HR214, HRA214
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   HR216, HRA216
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   HR1950
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   HR2150
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   HR2160
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   UM21E
  • HONDA Grass Mowers   UM2460              
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               H3009   
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               H3011   
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               H4013   
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF1211S, HF1211H, HF1211
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2114 S/H
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2213
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2216 S/H        
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2220
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2315
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2415
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2417
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HF2620
  • HONDA Ride on Mowers               HTR3009              
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GCV520               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GCV530               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV140               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV160               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV160 K1         
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV270               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV270 K1         
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV340               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV340 K1, K2  
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV390               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV390 K1
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV520               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV530               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV610               
  • HONDA Stationary Engines           GXV620     ​
  • HONDA Generators         EB3000X              
  • HONDA Generators         EG3000X             
  • HONDA Generators         EM65iS 0.7
  • HONDA Generators         EM3000SX          
  • HONDA Generators         EM3000X            
  • HONDA Generators         EM3100               
  • HONDA Generators         EM4500               
  • HONDA Generators         EM5500               
  • HONDA Generators         EU26i, EU30i, EU30is
  • HONDA Generators         EX3000 
  • HONDA Generators         EX4000 
  • HONDA Generators         EZ2200 
  • HONDA Tillers    F310, F360, F410, F501, F610, F660
  • HONDA Tillers    F510
  • HONDA Tillers    F720      
  • HONDA Tillers    FE500​

Fits Honda engines CV160A0, GCV160LA0, GCV160LE, GCV190A, GCV190LA, GCV520U, GCV530, GCV530R, GCV530U, GSV190LA, GX120K1, GX120U1, GX120UT1, GX160K1, GX160RT1, GX160U1, GX160UT1, GX200, GX200U, GX200UT, GX240, GX240K1, GX240R1, GX240R2, GX240RT1, GX240U1, GX240U2, GX240UT1, GX240UT2, GX270, GX270R, GX270RT, GX270RT2, GX270U, GX270U2, GX270UH, GX270UT, GX270UT2, GX340K1, GX340R1, GX340R2, GX340RT1, GX340RT2, GX340U1, GX340U2, GX340UT1, GX340UT2, GX390K1, GX390K2, GX390R1, GX390R2, GX390RT1, GX390RT2, GX390U1, GX390U2, GX390UH1, GX390UT1, GX390UT2, GXV120, GXV140, GXV160, GXV160A1, GXV160H2, GXV160K1, GXV160UA1, GXV160UH2, GXV270, GXV340, GXV340A2, GXV340K1, GXV340K2, GXV340UA2, GXV390, GXV390A1, GXV390K1, GXV390UA1, GXV520U, GXV530, GXV530R, GXV530U, GXV610, GXV620​
  • Perfect Ignition
  • Better cold weather starting
  • Better engine performance
  • More complete combustion
  • Better emissions and cleaner exhaust
  • Faster starting and smoother running
NGK Pride themselves on being the No1 OEM supplier.
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Brand NGK
Product Code BPR5ES
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