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Mountfield / Stiga Starter Motor Fits 1538M-SD, 1228H, 1436H, T40M, T35M GGP Engines 118550214/0

Mountfield / Stiga Starter Motor Fits 1538M-SD, 1228H, 1436H, T40M, T35M GGP Engines 118550214/0

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Genuine OEM GGP Starter Motor - 118550214/0

Fitted to the following models only with the GGP engine, if your mower has a Briggs & Stratton engine, this will not fit. 

Please check starter motor looks like your motor, and your engine is GGP brand.
See photo's
Engine models: GGP: TRE 0701, TRE 0702, TRE 0801, TRE0701, TRE0702, TRE0801

Fits the following Mountfield / Stiga Models, will fit other models we have missed, as to many to list all. 

1538M-SD (Series 7500-WM14) 2T3244483/UM9
1538M-SD (WM14 OHV) 2T3244483/UM9
1538M-SD (Series 7500-432cc) 2T3244483/UM9
1538M-SD (Series 7750-452cc) 2T0530483/M15
1538M (Series 7750-452cc OHV) 2T2520483/M16
1538H SD (WM14 OHV) 2T0620483/M10
1125M 13-2412-92
1228H (Series 7250-WM12.5) 2T1524483/UM9
1228H (WM12.5 OHV) 2T1524483/UM9 2T1124483/UM9
1436H (WM13.5 OHV) 2T0420483/M10 299964483/UM8
1436M (WM13.5 OHV) 2T0320483/M10 299954486/UM8
1438M 299958383/UM8
1540H 299931483/UM8
1540M 299911483/UM8
T35M 299954336/BQ
T40M 299911436/BQ
2125M (WM12.5 OHV) 13-2705-00 13-2705-00 13-2705-99
4140H (WM14 OHV) 13-6002-80 13-6002-81
Estate 2084 2T2000481/14 2T2000481/15
Estate 2084H 2T2120481/15
Estate Collector 2T2242761/09
Estate Senator 2T2244781/PF9 2T2244781/09 2T3244781/09
Estate Tornado HST 2T4644781/09
Garden Combi 2T1134781/09G
Garden Combi HST 2T1534781/09G
Park 75 Years Limited Edition 13-6198-55
Park Compact 14 13-6109-20
Park Unlimited 14 13-6141-54 13-6141-55
Primo 13-2411-12 13-2411-62 13-2414-02
Primo 75 Year Ltd Edition 13-2414-52
SC9013 2T2244724/09
SC9013H 2T2644724/09
Series 7250 (TRE0702) 414cc Engine 118550439/0
Series 7500 (TRE0701) 432cc Engine 118550451/0
ST10214 2T5544724/09
Stiga 75 Year Ltd Edition 13-2411-52
Villa 12 13-2725-13
Villa 12 HST 13-2727-13

Honda Engine 31200-ZF5A-L310, 31200ZF5AL310, 31200-ZF5A-L31 
  • GXV340 SAB0146HONDA 11HP
  • GXV390 SAB0146  HONDA 13HP
  • Honda GXV340 SAB0146 0 HONDA 
  • Honda GXV390 SAB0146 0 HONDA
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