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Honda Ignition Switch Fits HF1211, HF2113, HF2114, HF2315, HF2415, HF2417, HF2213, HF2216, HF2218, HF2220, HF2620 REP 80126-Y09-003

Product code: RT17-519
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Very good quality replacement non genuine Honda Ignition Switch & Keys 

Fits the following versions of the Honda Mowers 
  • HF2114, HF2315, HF2415, HF2417, HF2213, HF2216, HF2218, HF2220, HF2620 Ride on Tractor Mowers
  • HF1211 SE,  HF1211 K1 HE,  HF1211 K1 SE,  HF1211 K2 HE,  HF1211 K2 SE
  • HF2113,  HF2113 HE,  HF2113 SE
  • HF2114 SE,  HF2114 K1 HE,  HF2114 K1 SE,  HF2114 K2 HE,  HF2114 K2 SE 
  • HF2213,  HF2213 SF,  HF2213 K1 SF,  HF2213 K2 H,  HF2213 K2 S,  HF2213 K3 HE
  • HF2216, HF2216 HE,  HF2216 SE,  HF2216 K1 HE,  HF2216 K1 SE
  • HF2218,  HF2218 SL,  HF2218 K1 SL,  HF2218 K1 HL,  HF2218 K1 SE,  HF2218 K2 HL
  • HF2220,  HF2220 HL,  HF2220 HLE,  HF2220 K1 HLE,  HF2220 K1 SLE
  • HF2315,  HF2315 HME,  HF2315 HME/A,  HF2315 SBE,  HF2315 SBE/A,  HF2315 K1 HME,  HF2315 K1 HMF,  HF2315 K1 SBE,  HF2315 K1 SBF
  • HF2415,  HF2415 SBE,  HF2415 SBE/A
  • HF2417,  HF2417 HME,  HF2417 HME/A,  HF2417 HTE,  HF2417 HTE/A,  HF2417 K1 HME,  HF2417 K1 HTE,  HF2417 K2 HME,  HF2417 K2 HMF,  HF2417 K2 HTE,  HF2417 K2 HTF
  • HF2620,  HF2620 HME,  HF2620 HME/A,  HF2620 HTE,  HF2620 HTE/A,  HF2620 K1 HME,  HF2620 K1 HMF,  HF2620 K1 HTE,  HF2620 K1 HTF 

Please have a look at images to confirm as later models would have variations, the letter layout on the 2nd photo should match your old switch, if not this is not the right switch.

Replaces 80126-Y09-003, 80126Y09003​​​​​​​
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Product Code RT17-519
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