Please see a few things we hope that may assist you in ordering the parts you may need. 

We kindly ask that when purchasing any parts, please try and be sure the purchased items are the correct ones as many makes and models have variations in these and even though we have listed some models the parts fit, this does not always mean it fits every one of those models as they can change over the years.

We can confirm if you are unsure, and we will respond to all emails very quickly. Just send us the product numbers from under the seat like the examples below as we would rather you get the correct part first time. 

Some spare parts like filters, cables, belts may have a part number stamped into these. 

Belt installation. 

Before fitting any new belt you must always check all your pulleys for worn or sharp or damaged edges, for anything hanging or out of place that may damage the new belt. Correct installation is imperative. 

Tips for using our shop search bar. We also have all parts categorised and you should find what you need that way. 
Keep search description simple and short. For example. Husqvarna belt or Deck shell, Oil filter and so on.

You can search by the model or by part number. If searching Husqvarna parts do not include any spaces. For example, instead of searching 532 17 01-40, use 532170140.

If you cannot find the part required by part number, try searching for the model of your mower.
For example if part number 532170140 does not come up try searching by model number CT130 or HF2218. Keep the search simple as too much info can bring up many unwanted results. 

If you cannot find what you need don't worry we are here to help, send us a quick email with your full model and all information located under the seat on most models. We look to respond within one hour off all emails in most cases.