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CARB CLEANER. Descaler for carburettors and the whole injection system. re establish the functionality of the parts.

Cleaner last generation developed to clean throttle bodies and intake manifolds made of plastic material . Its special formula does not contain substances harmful to plastics or rubbers .

Removes carbon deposits and oily from the throttle body and the entire intake system .

It reduces the emission of harmful exhaust gases . Product suitable for motors with problems caused by the stems of valves dirty . It improves compression and engine performance .

HOW TO USE : spray the product directly on the parts to be cleaned , or spraying ( inside the hood) intermittently , with the car

Used on both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines, like chainsaw, blowers, strimmer, lawnmower carbs, plus much more. 

  • Colour: Trasparent
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • USE: Detergent
  • Characteristics: Liquid


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Carburetor carb cleaner Aerosol Spray Cleaning 04263 Chainsaw, Mowers Cars, Generators Made in Italy

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Product Code 04263