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Blade Engage Clutch Switch Mountfield 1430M, 1430H, 1530M, 1530H, 1538M SD, T30M, 118450074/0

Product code: 118450074/0
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Genuine OEM Blade Engage Clutch Switch, 118450074/0, 18450074/0

Fits Mountfield 1430M, 1430H, 1530M, 1530H, 1538M SD, T30M, and the following models and codes listed below. May fit others we have missed.

1636H (2T0430483/M11)
1543H-SD (2T1210483)
T38M-SD (2T3244436-BQ)
1530H (2T2120483)
1530M (2T2020483)
T30M (2T2010436-BQ)
1538H (2T2620483)
1538M (2T2520483)
T38H (2T2610406-SF)
1538H-SD (2T0630483)
1538M-SD (2T0530483) Ride-on SD98 - 108
1538H-SD (2T0630483)
1538M-SD (2T0530483)
1530 H (2T2120483)
1530 M (2T2020483)
1538H-SD (20131903)
1430M / H
T30M (20120201)

1430H-3000SH (20120201)
1538H_SD (20110218)
1538M_SD (20110218)
1538 H SD (20100406)
1538 SD (20100406)
1538M (20100406)
T38-SD (20100406)
2243H (2T1845283/M17)
2446H (2T1945283/M17)
1538H (2T2620483/M16)
1538M (2T2520483/M16)
T38H (2T2610406/SF)
2248H (2T1310283/M11)
1543H (2T1210483/M16)
1530H (2T2120483/M15)
1538H (2T0630483/M15)
1530M (2T2020483/M15)
1636H (2T0430483/M11)
3000SH (2T2000383)

3000SH (2T2000383)


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Brand Mountfield
Product Code 118450074/0
Weight 0.175kg