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10W30 Multi Grade Engine Oil

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10w30 car oil will have no issues working in your lawnmower as long as it has a modern engine, SAE-30 is more suitable for mowers that have an older engine inside. This oil is also great for working at variable temperatures, ensuring your engine will work no matter the weather.

We have put together a short article below that will explain to you the difference between 10w30 oil and SAE-30 oil, as well as how to use motor oil in the best way possible in your mower.

What Is 10w30 Oil?
10w30 oil is a multi-grade oil that is slightly more expensive because of its viscosity, the 10W rating allows this mower to work in more variable winter temperatures than just warm temperatures like SAE-30.

This oil is also known to be very stable and does not lose its film under stress, allowing it to keep your mower running at optimal performance.

Is 10w30 Oil Better Than SAE-30 Oil For My Lawnmower?
Since 10w30 motor oil and SAE-30 oil are both highly recommended for your lawnmower, you might be wondering which one is better.

To help you decide which oil you want to use in the engine of your mower, we have compared them both below.

10w30 Motor Oil
10w30 oil has a viscosity rating of 10 and 30 which gives it a great range of variable temperatures, it is mainly used for cars but works great in mowers too. The oil is also quite affordable now compared to how it used to be.

The drawbacks of this oil are that it is not suitable for smaller and older engines and it is quite thick. It is also said to have a higher consumption rate.

Great for variable temperatures.
Can be used in cars and mowers.
Thickness means it is not suitable for use in old mowers.
SAE-30 Oil
SAE-30 oil on the other hand can be used in old and new mowers, this oil is the best to be used in high temperatures thanks to its 30 ratings and has a stable oil consumption.

The downfalls of this oil are that unlike 10w30 oil it is not the best for being used in cold temperatures.

Can be used in old and new mowers.
Great for warm temperatures.
Stable oil consumption.
Only works well in warm temperatures.

Can I Use 10w30 Oil In a Two-Stroke Mower?
We recommend not using 10w30 oil in a two-stroke motor, as two-stroke mowers need to have oil that is designed specifically to be mixed with fuel, using this oil could potentially damage the engine and lead to smoking as it is not meant for this use.

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